Red Bull Games events have once again popularized the once forgotten street-culture sports. For instance, break-dancing, skateboarding and even kite boarding are back in popular demand. There is one fascinating extreme sports that is gaining more and more attention, and that is BMX , one of the most technically demanding sports.

Many of us are aghast to see what kind of tricks these daredevils are able to pull off. Luckily, you don’t have to head to the nearest BMX track to enjoy this fantastic sport. You can actually play many brilliant BMX games online,like Stunt Tracks,and for free! Let’s check out some of the best online BMX-games.

BMX Master

bmx-masterIf you ever had the chance to play the super popular Ski Jump game back in the 90s, you will love BMX Master. The basic premise is very simple; you have a 2-D based game where you control a BMX biker and try to score as many points as possible by doing different kind of tricks. The graphics are phenomenal and challenges very competitive.

Tricks are executed with numbers 1-6 and left/right direction buttons. All this sounds very simple, but rest assured, it is not. You can find two different modes:

  • Championship (score a specific amount of points) or
  • Time Attack (score as many points as possible during 1 minute).

New Winter BMX Jam

This game is for those who are seeking ultimate challenges. In other words, if you don’t have patience and perseverance, you might as well skip this one. Trick combinations are far more difficult than in the above-mentioned BMX Master.

Furthermore, as the name implies, tricks must be executed in slippery snow. This adds an additional challenge component to the gameplay. Then again, the feeling of pulling off super-man back-flips with a leg kick definitely feels great. Also, the graphics are better than in BMX Master.

Stunt Mania 2

stunt-mania-2Let’s move away from regular bikes to motorbikes. Stunt Mania 2 has the same principle as the two above-mentioned games: 2D view, different tasks, and multiple levels to beat, except that the track does not only have large ramps, but also smaller obstacles which can be used to score additional points. For example, instead of driving 100 mph to the ramp, players can execute a tricky back-slip from a tractor tire.

This game doesn’t have as dynamic controls as, for example, New Winter BMX Jam has. Neither are the graphics phenomenal. But for someone who wants a quick break from normal bike tricks, Stunt Mania 2 provides a good option.

Stick BMX Madness

stick-bmx-madnessAlthough the graphics are very simplistic, Stick BMX Madness is perhaps the most entertaining of all games of this genre. Unlike other BMX games, failing to execute a specific trick in Stick BMX Madness does not disqualify you from continuing to play.

Furthermore, players gain points by picking up diamonds from different spots. Players control a simplistic stickman through an obstacle course, which is not a traditional BMX course but rather a mountainous terrain with hills, drops, and jumps. Consequently, completing different levels will be more interesting.

Bike Adventures

Last, but definitely not least, is our top online BMX game, Bike Adventures. We chose this as the best because all the above mentioned elements are integrated in this particular game. You can execute tricks, overcome obstacles, collect coins for extra points, and even trash the environment. Best of all, the game has a built-in save system, meaning you don’t have to restart from the beginning and the graphics are far more versatile.

There you have it. All of these games are free online. Grab an energy drink and start playing like never before!