bmx-gamesCycling Games are available for different game consoles, computers, and of course online. Similar to Motor Sports games, Cycling Games offer speed, excitement, and a serious need of good handling skills!

Many features of the Cycling Games, like in Sportsbike Challenge, are very realistic starting with the bikes and the handling of them, the surroundings, and cheering crowds. The Cycling Games are based on real-life cycling sports such as racing, mountain biking, or BMX. The aim of the game is similar to that of the real-life sport, which is either to finish first without crashing or to get as many points as possible by performing tricks.

Here are some popular and fun online Cycling Games, all with their unique set up offering a great gaming experience for anyone whether a beginner or an advanced player.

BMX Games, BMX Masters, BMX Pro Trials, and BMX Madness

BMX is an adrenaline-filled sport where bikers perform insane tricks and jumps. BMX can be practised anywhere on the streets, on staircases and rails, as well as specially built ramps and BMX biking parks. Many of the BMX games are in a street environment. BMX Masters is one of the BMX games that has a street surrounding of old buildings with graffiti. The graphics of the game are very bright and detailed.

The idea is to gather as many points as possible while performing tricks and moving on along the available ramps and surroundings. The playing is done using key board arrows: up for more speed, down to brake or reverse, and left or right to control the biker’s weight on the bike. Often after long jumps, flips, and tricks the balance easily goes off-centred leaving the biker crashing, which of course means a game over / a new try. This simple yet challenging game is very addictive and player friendly!

bmx-pro-trialsThe 8-level BMX Biking Game, BMX Pro Trials follows the same mission and controlling principals as the BMX Masters. The BMX Pro Trials offers challenging surroundings with realistically detailed graphics and gaming music to ensure a great gaming experience.

The BMX Madness offers a different set up from the previously mentioned two other BMX games. This game also requires a little more time to master the controlling features. The instructions are a good read! This a game for anyone who wants a greater challenge and to enjoy the simple bright graphics alongside the speed of the sport.

Cycle Racing with 3D Mountain Bikes

The Cycle Racing game takes the player through breath-taking surroundings and challenging races. The aim is to drive through each level as fast as possible, avoiding the obstacles along the way and gathering extra points from stars, which appear, on the road. Hitting stones and other obstacles make the biker fall, resulting in a game over.

Playing is also done using the key board arrows: up for more speed, down to bake and right and left for right and left movements. The difficult yet fun part comes when driving fast and trying to avoid the deadly stones and jumps along the way.


asklASKL is very different from other biking games, as it is not played on a bicycle but on a unicycle. The one-wheeled cycle is just as tricky to master in the game as in real life. Controlling the game is done using keyboard letters A and S for glutes (upper leg) and K and L for quads (lower leg).

Do not be surprised if your biker does not make it further than a meter or two during the first few tries. This game needs some practice but is fun and rewarding once it starts going well!