mario-bikeSuper Mario Bros is one of the most iconic games and Mario the most iconic game characters of all time. The Super Mario theme stays in one’s brain even if it was last heard of only during childhood! It is no wonder Mario found his way into the hearts of the players.

The game is simple, yet challenging enough to be interesting, and as the first game in the 1985 Nintendo console, it was the only one of its kind. Later, many sequels of Mario came about and it is available on other platforms and now even online.

Get On Bike

Super Mario and other characters also got on cars and bikes with the Mario Kart game. This introduced a very new aspect to the Mario series, which was turned into a motor race, where the characters move with more speed ensuring more action. The Mario Kart game is available on Nintendo Wii. For players who would rather use a computer, the Mario Bike is a perfect modern game from the Super Mario series. It can be either downloaded or played online.

The surroundings, characters, and music are similar to the legendary Nintendo game; they were just updated to the 21st Century. Mario himself looks just as before and wears his famous red suit, with the usual Mario-cap. Playing Mario Bike is just as simple and as fun as playing the original Super Mario games.

How to Play Mario Bike

mario-bike-2Playing Mario Bike is simple, all though it takes some practice to learn how to balance the bike and keep Mario upright. The playing is done using key board arrows: up for gas, down to reverse or slow down, and left and right to control Mario’s weight on the bike. Often, after long jumps, the balance easily goes off-centred and Mario ends up flipping upside down, which of course means a game over / a new try.

Each of the ten levels is divided into checkpoints. If the bike flips, Mario goes back to the last checkpoint and not to the very beginning of the level, which is a very player-friendly feature. The idea with Mario Bike, just like with the original Super Mario, is to make it to the finish point of each level gathering as many coins and prizes as possible as you play.

Moreover, driving over the characters that were deadly in Super Mario along the way also awards generous points.

Getting Good at Mario Bike

Even though Mario Bike is simple and quick to learn, the technique to finish each level with an optimal result requires much intensive playing time. Many of the levels have the option to drive on a lower floor or an upper one. Often driving on top or the upper floor is more rewarding point-wise as there are more coins available.

However staying there requires many high jumps and balancing during these jumps, which can be initially tricky. Just like with any bike game, like for example in Motorcross Nitro, practice is the only way to get better at Mario Bike too.