moto-racing-championship-2One of the biggest thrill rides that a person can experience is in the seat of a motorbike. Nothing but two wheels, an engine and the nerve of the driver working in synch with the machine and road to create an experience like no other. It is one of the oldest man/machine relationships that turns racing into a high octane and adrenaline-fueled thrill ride that is simply heart stopping to experience.

Two Wheels of Thunder

In Moto Racing Championship, a simple mini game manages to excite and keep a player glued to the screen, as the precise hand eye co-ordination required for this mini game make it an intense experience. Ten levels of competition will test a player’s keen eye for the precise moment to make the turn and overtake the other racer’s positions at the corners, or outrun them and leave them in one’s dust.

Make no mistake; one small mishap could leave a player in last place no matter how fast a bike they have. Just like in a real race, there is no room for error here. This really is a fun mini game,similar to Easy Slider, can entertain for hours, despite its visual simple, and at the same time, nerve-testing gameplay.

The Races And the Tracks

moto-racing-championship-2-2Ten levels mean ten different racetracks that will keep anyone on their toes while passing an exciting time. Each level means your opponents become faster, and so should you, as the tracks change every time to make wining harder and more rewarding.

Just like in a real professional race, the track has many twists and bends, and even hairpin turns that will prove to be quite challenging, as any small error in over or under turning might mean losing your place or missing out on the gap that could put you in the lead.

The Beasts We Call Bikes

There are approximately six different bikes, five of which must be unlocked buy purchasing them with in-game winnings. The best thing to do is to repeat races that have already been won in order to build up the cash to buy the next best bike. Patience becomes a valuable tool, as it is preferable to try a few of the easier races first, and build up some capital in order to, not only buy better bikes, but to upgrade them.

Three categories of upgrades will make all the difference between being faster and with better handling, and ending up in last place. The three categories are top speed, acceleration and control; nothing else is required. While many might think that control won’t make a big difference, it is vital for handling those corners.