motocross-nitroMotocross is an American sporting pastime that involves racing bikes across difficult terrains. It’s a bit like mountain biking on steroids. Racers need to train, wear protective gear, and try not to break their backs doing 30-foot flips in the air on muddy ramps.

Motocross Nitro is an interesting 3D graphic motocross game that’s based on this challenging hobby, and includes a variety of racing events, including freestyle motocross, super cross, rally racing.


The game features a tutorial for beginners, which teaches those just learning about the basic controls. To move your bike you’ll need to use the arrow keys, and combinations of X, Z and C. The space bar will trigger Nitro. You can even customize your keyboard to have a layout that you prefer.

motocross-nitro-3The background design of the game is varied and well done, with attention to detail. The game is built in a way that boosts graphics and animations through a unity web browser, which is a new era player, and makes Motocross Nitro one of the best extreme stunt racing games available.

Players will find themselves going through frozen tundra, deserts, and even competing in stunt tournaments in closed spaces and auditoriums. They can choose whether they’d like to race against opponents or take on the tracks themselves.

Different Levels to Pass

The challenges all vary in type, and include point-to-point racing, MX master cross, climbing hills, or freestyle competition. Each high point win earns players first place, a gold trophy, and occasionally even cash, depending on whether you’re playing with friends or in a gambling scenario.


The game has a system of 5 levels, or tiers. To advance through a tier, players have to complete three challenges on each. Every race you win, you gain access to prizes, upgrades to your equipment and access to other challenges. If you like, you can also generate in-game wealth by completing extra challenges or races that are set whenever there’s a tie.

The game is designed in such a way that the more a player progresses, the more difficult the races and challenges become. To help players, the makers of Motocross Nitro offer a trick library to look up strategy and increase one’s skill. They also recommend going back to previously won challenges in order to practice.

Winning not only guarantees that you get to take on the next challenge, but will also grant you in-game currency that can be used for gear and bike repairs or updates. You can get stronger helmets, or upgrade your armour so that you can take the harder falls and increase performance against competitors. You can also colour coordinate by selecting favourite colours for your uniform.


All in all, a strong game for dedicated racers, Motocross Nitro is perfect for those seeking to get in touch with their inner speed demon and increase their skill set with racing games. For less experienced drivers we recommend Mario Bike.

Motocross Nitro is perfect for drivers who usually have both hands on the wheel and drive too slowly and cautiously, Motocross Nitro is a chance to feel the experience of what it would be like to make these heroic leaps in real life.