sportsbike-challengeFree online racing games are in short supply. Well, at least games with good quality. Not to mention sports bike based games, like BMX games, online. Luckily we have found one fantastic free online based sports bike game, which you can download to your smartphone and tablet devices.

In this short article, we’ll take a stab at the Sports Bike Challenge game, which we believe to be one great, if not the best, free online racing game.

The Next Rossi?

Unlike traditional motorbike games that are based on executing different types of tricks or stunts, Sports Bike Challenge is purely a racing based game. In other words, there is no need to pull off fancy back-flips but rather be the fastest biker on the road! Game developer Turbo Nuke made sure, though, that gamers won’t be bored with repetitive races by adding different cities, terrains, and difficulty levels to beat.

You start from the last position, usually 8th, and your task is to finish in a specific position. This is not as easy as it sounds as each round gets more difficult. Furthermore, roads are filled with slow cars, which if you don’t manage to dodge will slow you down.

The first few rounds are relatively easy, but make no mistake about it, that’s the whole purpose to get you to play. Starting from round 4, the difficulty increases as you will see more cars on the road.

How to Play?

sportsbike-challenge-2All you need to do is to press the forward button and dodge other racers and cars. There is, however, an interesting feature called the “Turbo”, which will give you a short boost of speed. This booster can be used multiple times, but in order to refill it, you have to “drift”. The tracks are relatively short meaning there is not much room for mistakes. If you hit a car, make no mistake about it, the bike trailing you will swoosh past you like there’s no tomorrow.

Like in many free online games, you can also find in-game purchase options that will allow you to increase top-speed, improve handling and longer lasting turbo mode. Luckily, however, you don’t have to use real money because completing game objectives increases your game’s cash reserves, which you can use for improvements.

Our Verdict

Sports Bike Challenge is an immensely entertaining game with a suitable difficulty level and fast progress modes. Although one mistake might cost you the whole race, staying on track and dodging slower cars or opponents doesn’t require super high skills.

Just keep the throttle at max and let it roll! Also you don’t have to sit behind a laptop to enjoy this one. You can download it from Google Play, Amazon, or a number of online sites.