stunt-tracksEver want to kill a few hours and not even notice the time slipping away? We have just the game for you. Stunt Tracks is an awesome Flash game that takes the player to several different dirt tracks for a motocross adventure.

Unlike a lot of other Flash games, there is a nice flow to this one because the creators gave more attention to the animations and movements of the character than they did on the graphics. That said, the graphics are not bad.


Playing this cool game is very easy; you have four keys that you need to concentrate on and that’s it. Actually, you really only need three of the buttons as one of them has very little use. Since it is the least important, let’s get it out of the way now. The reverse button has almost no use in a racing game. It can come in handy of you find that you are stuck and want to get unstuck, but other than that, you won’t need it.

The point is to speed ahead, just like in the all cycle games, and that is what you will do with the up button on your keyboard. Just keep that button pressed down and then control your backward and frontward tilt with the left and right arrows. If you get your timing right, you might just get through fast enough to earn yourself a trophy.


stunt-tracks-2There are eight tracks to be played in Stunt Tracks. Each level is harder than the last and has its own theme. We won’t give away any important details about the tracks because it would be a shame to spoil the surprise, but you can be sure that they are all equally fun.

One thing you will notice right away is that there is a point system in the game. Depending on how well you do and how fast you make it through the game, you will get one of three trophies. A gold, silver, or bronze trophy can be taken home with either 8000, 5000, or 3000 points.


The creators of Stunt Tracks added a cool feature to this game. Like many of the mainstream commercial gaming companies, the makers of this game added their very own achievement awards. They call them Badges in Stunt Tracks. There are four possible badges that you can earn during gameplay, and they get harder to get with each passing round. The first badge is called “Superman Figurine”. To get this one, you have to do a flip in either direction and a superman trick all in the same jump.

Sounds easy? Only if your timing is excellent. The second badge is called “Gold Helix”, and to get this one the player has to complete three flips in a row and then finish the level. The third one is called “Guru Star”, and there is nothing you can do to get this other than finishing every level in the game.

Finally, the hardest badge to get in the game is called the “Wheelie Master”. In order to get this one, you have to complete a whole level without your front wheel ever touching the ground.


Stunt Tracks is a great game with easy controls. The physics are a no-brainer and the levels create interesting challenges. It is very easy to get addicted to this game because it is so much fun to play.